Group SCS presents the EV-301 and EV-601 panels, a fresh replacement of the SP-300 and SP-600 panels.

EV-301 and EV-601

The EV-301 and EV-601 range of control boards is fully compatible with the existing SP-300/600 systems and therefore can replace or be added to existing installations. The new panels are housed in slightly larger metal cases which allows easier access and installation:

  • EV-301- MC-BB: 323H x 300W x 86D (mm)
  • EV-601-MC-BB: 444H x 300W x 86D (mm)

You can either purchase the unit as a whole (board, batteries and casing) or as a standalone PCB. These new boards are an upgrade from the SP-300/600 and therefore come with some new features:

  • Enclosure sizes increased improving wiring space
  • Enclosure material will be metal white finish with IP42 rating (indoor use only)
  • Top & bottom entry only with no cable glands required
  • One configurable signal contact available
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