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A cost-efficient remote monitoring and maintenance solution for any building.

Stay compliant with remote monitoring and testing

Weekly and monthly smoke control checks can be time-consuming and missing even one can be fatal in the event of a fire. Our remote monitoring and testing software Eyeball takes care of routine checks for you*. Our fire safety expertise means we are uniquely placed to guarantee projects are compliant with all building regulations and that building users are fully protected in the event of a fire.


Advanced remote monitoring

Our Eyeball self-test system can be added to all Group SCS standard systems to provide automatic testing and reporting. Eyeball lets you schedule regular automatic system testing and reporting, which saves time and allows you to focus on new projects whilst ensuring the safety of building occupants. Our software ensures that any system failures are quickly detected and dealt with promptly.

With Eyeball you never have to worry about missing a maintenance check again.*

Access anywhere, anytime

The system is connected to a cloud-based server with Eyeball hardware providing web access via PCs, tablets and smartphones for monitoring and diagnostics. Data on test results, system status and alarms are sent to the cloud to generate reports and send alerts via email or SMS. With support for all UK networks, the Eyeball – which is a subscription service – is designed to work in any geographical location with 3G/GSM/ GPRS service.

Compatible systems

Some Group SCS standard systems will have access to all functionalities of the Eyeball system. Other systems can utilise the technology, however it will have significantly reduced capabilities. Please contact us for detailed information about your requirements.

Scheduled automatic system testing and reporting

Broadband or 3G mobile connectivity

User login for remote testing and diagnostics

Support centre access for remote software diagnostics and updates without a call-out

Secure remote access and data transfer to the cloud

Installed within and powered by the shaft system main control panel

SCS Aftercare & Support

As a turnkey system manufacturer and installer, we do not compromise on our ability to maintain all aspects of our systems and pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with full turnkey support at a fair price.

*Important information

The Eyeball remote monitoring smoke control system will not replace the need for an annual service. Feedback on the vents is required for automatic testing and SCS actuators have feedback built-in as standard.

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