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A range of products that enable the selection, replacement and installation of faulty, non-compliant or damaged smoke control systems.
What is Retro Kit

Replace smoke control systems with ease

Our Smoke Control System Replacement Kit – Retro Kit has been developed to allow building owners, managers, and tenants to have confidence in the operation of their buildings’ smoke control system. The range of products enables the easy selection, replacement, and installation of faulty, non-compliant, or damaged systems.

What systems can Retro Kit replace

Download our Retro Kit brochure to find out what systems our Smoke Control System Replacement Kits can replace and see further kit details.

Retro Kit is cost-effective and uses open protocol software. Our Smoke Control System Replacement Kit includes both modular and central control panels, so that existing cabling (where possible) can be used for minimal disruption to tenants.

Subject to the existing cabling and a site survey, the system can be integrated with our self-test proactive maintenance software called Eyeball. Eyeball is a remote self-testing system, which gives the building owner comfort that their life safety systems are operating correctly.

Installation & Availability

How to purchase Retro Kit

The Smoke Control System Replacement Kit is available via our national network of Group SCS Approved Contractors. The products are manufactured in our factory in Bournemouth and are available from stock. To reduce the initial cost of a system, Group SCS can spread the cost over either three or five years.

Your local Approved Contractor will carry out a site survey and advise which Retro-Kit suits your system.

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