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Our Smoke Control Leasing Services

In order to help alleviate the financial pressures building owners face, Group SCS has developed a smoke control leasing service designed to spread costs in an affordable way. In doing so, building owners can replace obsolete equipment such as extract fans, dampers, roof vents, and control panels with fully compliant systems before further issues arise. Additionally, our systems come with built-in safety features that will improve the safety of systems long-term. We offer an end to end service with transparent costs to bring smoke control systems up to the required standards.

How it works

Inspection & Assessment

We begin by carrying out an inspection and assessment service based on our popular Guide to Surveying High Rise Residential Smoke Control Systems.

Retro Kit

Where appropriate, we implement a solution from our Retro Kit product range designed for easy selection and replacement of most popular legacy systems.

Installation & Maintenance

Installation is carried out by our nationwide network of trained and competent Approved Installers who can maintain the system at competitive rates.



Retro Kit



Interested in Leasing Smoke Control Equipment?

Fill out our enquiry form and tell us about your project, what service you are interested in and how we can assist in getting your smoke control system up and running. We'll be in touch shortly with more information and a proposal to spread the costs in an affordable manner.

The Benefits of Leasing Smoke Control Equipment

No large capital outlay
There is no large capital outlay so you can choose the system you need rather than the system you can afford.
No need to compromise
By leasing the equipment, you can get the optimum equipment at a more manageable rate.
Fixed prices
Fixed costs mean easier budgeting, you can be sure that what is quoted is what you will pay.
Flexible upgrade policy
If your system needs changes, you can upgrade it within the lease period. We will just amend the agreement to incorporate the new equipment.
All systems are fully tax-deductible.

Guide to Surveying High Rise Residential Smoke Control Systems

Our guide gives you all the information you need about maintaining smoke control systems in HRRBs, and provides you with a helpful system checklist, including:

  • Automatic Opening Ventilator Checklist
  • Stairwell Ventilator Checklist
  • Natural Smoke Shaft Checklist
  • Mechanical Extract System Checklist
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