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Our control system for Fire and Smoke Dampers, UniDamp, is easy to use and simple to install and commission. The system is suitable for most dampers and designed to simplify the commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance processes. Its modular structure is built from damper interface units, main control panels, and interface modules.
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Suitable for Fire and smoke dampers

UniDamp is perfect for all building types, especially complex multi-zone applications

A flexible modular system suitable for the control and monitoring of fire and smoke dampers in all building types, especially complex applications with multiple zones.

Damper Control System Components

UniDamp is suitable for controlling all types of fire and smoke dampers and has a modular structure that includes a main control panel compliant with BS EN 12101-10 Power supplies and interface panels that are CE-Marked to low voltage and EMC directives.

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Product Highlight

UniDamp Addressable Damper Control System

The system features a user-friendly open protocol software that enables fast and effective commissioning and the ability to easily incorporate changes to cause and effect through an intuitive touchscreen menu.

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