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The Approved Contractor Network is a mutually supportive partnership that enables competent mechanical, electrical, and fire safety contractors to bring smoke control in-house, through the training and support of Group SCS, the market leader in standardised smoke control systems.

Becoming an Approved Contractor benefits your business

Having Approved Contractor certification gives access to a comprehensive fully compliant smoke control product range.

The training provided by Group SCS guides contractors through every step of the design, installation, and commissioning process. This includes practical exercises at the Group SCS Technology and Training Hub in Cardiff, which is equipped with a full training suite.

How to become a Group SCS…

You will also benefit from:

  • Exposure – Your website link and company logo will be featured on our ‘Find an Approved Contractor’ page, along with your contact information.
  • Discount – Approved Installers receive access to the extended range of Group SCS products as well as an exclusive discount.
  • Increased Profit – Bringing smoke control in-house eliminates the costs of subcontracting your smoke control needs and contributes to an increase in revenue.

About Group SCS

Our strength lies in the combination of innovative product design and comprehensive project support.
Group SCS is an expert provider of smoke control systems and BEMS, delivering solutions with safety at their core. Our work on thousands of complex UK construction projects and in-depth knowledge of the smoke control industry have paved the way to innovation and given us the expertise required to handle projects of any scope.

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Have a look at some of the feedback we’ve received from those who have attended our Approved Contractor training!



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James Lewis, PLP Fire Protection

I feel 100% more confident in dealing with mechanical systems. It was a great course and thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you.

Tony Oliver, Life Safety Solutions

It was what I was looking for from the course. I now know the regulations for designing compliant systems.

Emad Salem, Electec Solutions Ltd

I enjoyed learning about products and relevant laws. My practice will be improved after training.

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