AOV Control Panels

Smoke control or daily ventilation? Our smoke vent aov control panel range has got you covered. We supply a wide range of smoke control panels to govern simple systems, complex systems and all the systems in-between.

What is an AOV Control Panel?

An AOV control panel is used to control smoke vent systems. It can be implemented both in single-zone and multi-zone smoke vent systems based on requirements. In some cases, an AOV control panel may be used for daily ventilation as well.

AOV Control Panel Compliance

There are two essential standards that an AOV control panel must comply with. Panels that contain a power supply need to be certified to BS EN 12101 Smoke and heat control systems: Part 10 power supplies. All other compliance aspects of a control unit are covered by BS ISO 21927-9:2012 Smoke and heat control systems. Specification for control equipment.

Check for evidence of product testing

When selecting a control unit, be mindful of the wording that suppliers use. If the product description states a product is “designed in accordance with” a certain standard, check for test evidence or a declaration of performance. Without these, an AOV control panel is non-compliant and not safe for use.

Multi-zone or single-zone AOV control panel

It is important to consider how a control unit will be used within a larger system before selecting a product. In most residential buildings, the panel will either be a part of a shaft (multi-zone) or standalone (single-zone). Some products, like our EV-301-MC-BB and EV-601-MC-BB AOV control panels can work both in standalone and modular mode depending on the requirements of your project.

Alternatively, when a central control unit is required, a more complex product such as our M-SHEV multi-zone control panel is a better option. This panel can govern all actuators in a building from one central location.

How to select the best control unit for your needs

When selecting a control panel, you need to consider how it will work within a system, what motor your vents use to open, and the features you are looking for in a panel. We wrote a detailed article about selecting an AOV control panel that will guide you through each step of the selection process.

If you are wondering which Group SCS control panel will fit your project best, you can see a brief comparison of our products below:

Control PanelStandalonePart of ShaftVoltsAmpsBattery backupLockout functionality
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