AOV Smoke Vents

A range of EN12101-2 Compliant AOV Smoke Vent products, including roof hatch vents, louvered vents, automatic opening vents (AOVs), and glazed casement windows suitable for any small single-stair building smoke control system.

What is an AOV Smoke Vent?

An AOV Smoke Vent is an Automatic Opening Ventilator that provides at least 1.0mof free area when open. It is a type of window or opening that is designed to automatically open in the event of a fire, in order to allow smoke and heat to escape from a building. AOV Smoke Vents are typically installed in the upper levels of a building and are activated by a fire alarm or smoke detector system. They are an important safety feature in buildings, as they can help to prevent the accumulation of smoke and heat in the event of a fire, which can improve visibility and make it easier for people to evacuate. Below, you can see a list of the most common stairwell ventilation products and their purposes. 

AOV Smoke Vent Types

Louvred ventilator smoke control

Louvre Vents

Louvre Vents provide a discharge of smoke and fumes through motorised blades along the length of the frame. A choice of blades is available with standard and insulated aluminium, 8mm or 16mm polycarbonate (transparent or opal) and single or double-glazed panels.

It is recommended that insulated blades and frames are used to prevent future condensation problems.

Our Louvre Vents

Our louvre vent is CE-marked and EN 12101-2 Compliant and comes in two free area variations:

Where are louvre vents used?

  • Industrial and Commercial buildings – Louvre vents are used in industrial and commercial buildings for ventilation and air circulation. These can be factories, warehouses, and other large industrial spaces such as shopping centres.
  • Agricultural buildings –  Louvre vents can be used in agricultural buildings, such as barns and greenhouses. In this case, they provide ventilation and air circulation to animals or plants.
  • Residential buildings: Louvre vents can be used as a part of an AOV system in residential buildings to provide ventilation and air circulation in stairways, corridors, basements, and other areas.

Louvre vent with weatherproof ventilation

Louvred ventilator with weatherproof ventilation smoke controlThe louvre vent provides discharge of smoke and fumes through the motorised blades along the length of the frame. Different styles of blades are available with standard and insulated aluminium, 8mm or 16mm polycarbonate (transparent or opal) and single or double-glazed panels. These weatherproof ventilators also contain separate 24V, side-mounted daily ventilation louvres to allow fresh air input without opening the whole louvre. This means that daily ventilation can be provided even in wet weather.


Roof hatch vent smoke control

Roof Hatch

The roof hatch AOV provides a discharge of smoke and fumes with an opening angle of 140 degrees. It is available with either a solid aluminium insulated lid or a polycarbonate translucent panel. The latter option can provide daylighting if required. The roof hatch is not usually suitable for environmental ventilation.

Our Roof Hatch products

Our EV-AOV-HV hatch vent is easy to install and EN 12101-2 certified. It is designed for flat or sloping roofs of all modern building types:

Where are roof hatch vents used?

Roof hatch vents are used to provide access to the roof of buildings for maintenance and repair purposes, as well as to provide ventilation and air circulation in certain areas. They are suitable for a wide range of buildings, such as industrial and commercial buildings, transportation facilities such as train stations, public and residential buildings, and more. Any building that requires access to the roof and has suitable conditions can benefit from a roof hatch vent.

Actuated vertical window smoke control

Actuated Vertical Window

It is preferable and more effective for the window to be bottom hung and outward opening, like our Casement Window.
To meet standards, it must always provide the required free area as specified in Approved Document B. A range of actuators are available, including chain drives, linear and folding arms. These should be tested and CE marked to EN12101:2.

Actuated Roof Window

Roof windows are often used for ventilation and may also be used for smoke evacuation subject to compliance with regulations.

AOV Smoke Vent Regulations

The main European standard applying to AOV smoke vent products in general and stairwell ventilators is BS EN 12101-2:2003 Smoke and heat control systems. This part of the European standard describes the test regime that natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators should be subjected to in order to meet the requirements of CE marking under the Construction Products Regulation EN 305/2011.

Where an actuator is fitted to an existing window or roof window for use as an automatic opening vent, rather than a purpose-made AOV smoke vent, the position regarding CE marking is not so clear cut. Where a vendor wishes to offer a standard solution of a combination of window and actuator then the total solution should be subjected to the same tests as a ventilator.

Where the solution is a one-off retrofit of an actuator to a window or roof light, then strictly speaking it is not a standard product, but an individual design. Because of this, it is permissible under the regulations to treat this by assessment rather than testing. Assessments for the most common applications are available from reputable window actuator vendors.

Under the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) it is a legal requirement to use only certified products for smoke ventilation. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure installations meet the relevant standards. For more information see Group SCS’ Technical Bulletin here.

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