Window Actuators

High-quality electric window actuators and accessories, including electric chain actuators, folding arm actuators, and electric linear actuators for the automation of windows and doors for natural ventilation and smoke control purposes. Official UK stockist of Simon Protec actuators.

How to select a Window Actuator

Firstly, you should determine the best mounting position for an actuator based on clearance and the likelihood of tampering. Then you need to calculate the required opening and closing force and select a suitable product to achieve the correct opening distance.

How to calculate window actuator opening force

You can use the following calculation for vertically mounted wall windows. For other installations, a detailed calculation must be done.

  • F := force of the actuator (N)
  • S := stroke of the actuator (mm)
  • H := height of the wing frame (mm)
  • W:= weight of the wing frame (kg)

Required force of the actuator at the specified stroke:

F = (W / 2) x (S / H) x 10 = (W x S x 5) / H

Maximum possible stroke of the actuator at a given force:

S = (2 x F x H) / (W x 10) = (F x H) / (W x 5)

Use our Window Actuator Calculator Tool

Our partners over at Simon Protec have created an online calculator that helps you select the best actuator for your projects. Once you've entered all the necessary details, you can click the 'Find Suitable actuators' button to receive a product recommendation. We're an eclusive partner of Simon Protec in the UK and supply a range of actuators that you can purchase from our online shop.

Window Actuator Brackets & Fixing

The appropriate brackets for the actuator/window combination should be selected and the correct fixings for the window material need to be used to attach the actuator to the window.

You can find product-appropriate brackets in the ‘Accessories‘ tab on each window actuator available in our online shop.

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