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Group SCS

Group SCS is an expert provider of smoke control systems and BEMS, delivering solutions with safety at their core and more than 25 years of industry experience. Our work on thousands of complex UK construction projects and in-depth knowledge of the smoke control industry have paved the way to innovation and given us the expertise required to handle projects of any scope.

Our products and services

Bespoke and standardised modular solutions for all your smoke control needs.
A cost and energy efficient approach to system integration.
Save time and optimise efficiency with our standardised approach to smoke control.
Hundreds of smoke venting products in stock, available for next day delivery
A comprehensive range of smoke control panels and equipment.
Safety and compliance guarantee for your smoke vent systems after commissioning.

What makes us different

Our strength lies in the combination of innovative product design and comprehensive project support, borne of 25+ years successfully keeping pace with new industry developments and exceeding customer expectations.

Offering bespoke services as well as modular, standardised solutions, our priority is to provide excellence, both in our work and our relationships with clients and partners.

We value our promises and always keep our word. This is clearly reflected in the partnerships we’ve built with our longest-standing clients, some of them spanning more than 15 years.

Furthermore, we invest heavily in our own R&D, pre-construction expertise and experienced in-house commissioning engineers.

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