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Group SCS offers bespoke and packaged Car Park Ventilation Systems. Our design services for car park ventilation begin with an assessment of the most effective strategy for the individual building.
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Natural Car Park Ventilation Area Calculator
Calculate the area of natural ventilation needed for your car park with our free calculator. Just download the excel file, add your project details and see all the relevant information.
The Contractor's Guide to Car Park Ventilation
Understand the different approaches to car park ventilation with our Contractor's Guide to Car Park Ventilation. In this guide, you will find comprehensive information about the safe ventilation of underground and covered car parks.
Our Car Park Ventilation Products

Natural Car Park Ventilation

Natural ventilation simply requires openings to fresh air being provided to an equal percentage of the floor area of the car park. This method relies on a  freely available path to the outside, unlike underground car parks, where a mechanical extract system is required.

Jet Fan Car Park Ventilation Systems

These car park ventilation systems are characterised by jet fans replacing the traditional ductwork. They drive fumes or smoke towards extract fans, keep pollution within acceptable levels, and clear smoke.

A UniJet system illustration showing the flow of air in a car park using a packaged extract plant.
UniJet Smoke Control System

Packaged Car Park Ventilation System

UniJet is a packaged car park smoke vent system made up of the following components:

  • Extract Plant Room
  •  Jet or Impulse Fans
  • Control System
  • Touchscreen central control panel

The system is designed to provide smoke clearance and pollution ventilation to covered car parks to comply with current building regulations.

Free Advice for your Car Park Ventilation Projects

If you have a project in mind for our Car Park Ventilation Systems, just submit the details and drawings you have to receive free detailed advice from our experts.

Car Park Ventilation Resources

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