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We manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of control panels and equipment for use in BEMS, smoke control and natural ventilation projects.
What we offer

Group SCS manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of control panels and equipment for use in BEMS, smoke control and natural ventilation projects.
Thanks to close partnerships with companies such as Siemens, Priva, Trend and Schneider Electric, the control panel division of Group SCS is an excellent choice in handling control system requirements.

Our team has experience with systems from numerous vendors, and has completed successful projects in the smoke control, fire safety, security, BEMS and industrial automation markets. These range from simple single opening window installations, multi-zone addressable systems incorporating automatic sensing and remote control, to cruise ships and aeroplane manufacturing.

Our experience covers most of the major controls manufacturers

We have been a Solution Partner of Siemens for more than ten years. Our partnership demonstrates we are a highly experienced system integrator with excellent technological and industry knowledge. We use a wide range of the Siemens industrial automation products as well as low-voltage power distribution. Predominantly we use the S7-1200 PLC, as the Main Process Controller, in the majority of our control panels, for example in smoke control, daily ventilation and car park systems.
We have been a Trend System Integrator since 2014. We use the full range of IQ4e plant level controllers, terminal units (FCU) IQeco and Trend’s new IQ Vision graphics package. We use Trend products in mechanical, heating and ventilation systems.
Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric is one of our key suppliers and we use its industrial automation products as well as low voltage power distribution. We predominantly use the low voltage distribution in the majority of our control panels i.e. for BEMS, smoke control, daily ventilation, car park systems and more.
We have a strong working partnership with Danfoss which has spanned over 20 years. We use the FC101 and FC102 range of inverters in all of our control panels which require speed control of fan motors.
We have used the full range of Tridium products but the power lies with the integration projects where we have to bring multiple mechanical systems together.
We mainly use EasyIO plant and field level products due to their flexible programming at a cost-effective rate. We use products on terminal ventilation systems, and room or space controls.
We are a certified partner of SIMON PROtec and are proud to have sole distribution rights in the UK for its products. We use SIMON PROtec products in our smoke control systems and sell a number of SIMON PROtec products in our online shop.
We have used the Priva product range for our work in the education sector due to its easy-to-set-up approach for standard buildings and the ability to integrate with other systems such as energy display and natural ventilation systems.

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