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Our Approved Installers are trained and approved to select and design Natural Smoke Vent systems and Damper Control systems.

What is an Approved Installer?

A Group SCS Approved Installer is a contractor that has undergone our specialist training and has been approved to select, design, and install our range of natural smoke venting solutions and damper control systems.

What are the entry requirements?

To become an Approved Installer you will need to meet the current entry requirements and hold an appropriate Third-Party Certification. Eg BAFE.

Smoke Venting Products Covered

As a Group SCS Approved Installer, you will have access to our extensive smoke venting product range covering all areas including:

Your Obligations as an Approved Installer

We ask you to commit to the following once your business is registered as an Approved Installer:

  • Exclusive use of Group SCS smoke control products for two years
  • Promotion of Group SCS on your company’s website
  • An Annual Purchase Commitment of £50,000 per annum to keep your Approved Contractor certification active

Compulsory Training

The following training programmes must be completed by at least one company representative prior to enrolment on the Approved Installer programme.

Once on the programme, the company will have access to a range of optional training courses to suit their business requirements.

Start your Application

Approved Document B: Fire Safety.

Maintenance requirements - BS9991: Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings - code of practice.

Maintenance management process - BS 7346-8:2013 Components for smoke control systems. Code of practice for planning, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Benefits and our commitment to you

Once you have completed our Approved Installer course, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager to support you going forwards. Our Approved Installers receive the following benefits:

Advanced Support
Access to our Service Department for call-outs at reduced rates.
Design Services
You will benefit from our in-house design expertise in aspects such as product selection, and pricing projects.
Commissioning Team
Telephone support from our Customer Service Engineers and access to our experienced Commissioning Engineers.
Dedicated Account Manager
Support of a dedicated Account Manager for technical support.
For suitable projects in the region you operate within.
All Training Courses
Access to a range of technical training courses.
Marketing Support
We'll provide you with assistance in creating smoke control marketing materials.
Trade Account
Trade account subject to credit insurance clearance.
Discount and Rebate
Trade discount and rebate structure.

Exclusive Discount and Rebate

Approved Installers receive access to the extended range of Group SCS products as well as an exclusive discount.

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