Folding Arm Actuators

Our Folding Arm Actuator range is precision-designed for improved performance, durability and flexibility. This range of folding arm actuators is a ventilation revolution, offering safe, reliable opening in under 60 seconds and enabling wide opening angles. Folding arm actuators are ideal for smoke control systems. Easivent is the sole supplier of the Simon Protec folding arm range in the UK.

What is a folding arm actuator?

A folding arm actuator is an actuation product that combines high performance with an aesthetically pleasing design. Its powerful capabilities and elegant design make this window actuation product a popular choice for projects with high-performance demands. Moreover, folding arm window actuators are a flexible and durable option with versatile mounting applications. This makes them a great choice for window, door, and rooflight automation.

What are the benefits of folding arm actuators?

One of the most important benefits of the folding arm is the vast options it offers for any application. Not only is it the only fit-for-purpose actuator for roof lights, but it is also easy to install and offers programmable parameters.

Additionally, all products in our folding arm actuator range come with a 3-year repair warranty offered by the manufacturer, Simon Protec. This gives installers and building occupants peace of mind and a guarantee of the product’s exceptional quality.

When to use a folding arm actuator

A folding arm actuator is the best choice for the actuation of roofs and facades. Thanks to its versatility, it can be used for natural ventilation as well as smoke and heat ventilation.

In particular, when it comes to automating rooflights and skylights, a folding arm window actuator is the ideal option. Furthermore, our actuators are supported by a 3-year warranty and calculation software, ensuring your specification and installation are correct.

The high-performance gear of folding arm window actuators, coupled with lever arms made of stainless steel, makes them highly resistant to wind and snow loads. Additionally, these window actuators are often selected for their aesthetic qualities. Symmetrical design and a compact size help them blend in seamlessly, while their technical specifications make them perfect for large heavy windows.

Lastly, all folding arm window actuators we offer are tested and certified according to EN 12101-2 together with various profile series. Their certifications testify that they can be used as both natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation devices.

What is a Synchronised Folding Arm Actuator?

Synchronized actuators are designed to keep the actuators moving at the same speed to maintain precise control. Additionally, the synchronisation guarantees an equal load distribution and has an integrated load cut for safety. When working together, folding arm window actuators can be used for the automation of inward and outward opening windows on facades and roofs.

The new SICO feature is the term for a number of functions and adaptations along with the new product name PA (Plugged Actuator) instead of EA. The SHEV-capable actuators are tested according to EN 12101-2 in connection with different profiles and can be used for the control of natural ventilation as well as for smoke ventilation purposes. Synchronized PA actuators communicate via BUS technology within the actuator group and control each other’s running behaviour (master-slave function). This is „real“ synchronisation.

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