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A network of contractors trained and supported by Group SCS

Expertise you can trust

Finding the right local company to install your smoke control system can be a protracted task and you need to ensure that you’re using the right products and the right installer.

For that reason, we have created the Group SCS Approved Installer Network (AI Network).  Operating throughout the UK, trained and supported by us, these contractors are qualified to install our range of top quality, standardised systems and products.

Why choose a Group SCS Approved Installer

Approved Installers are contractors who have undertaken the Group SCS training course and are certified to operate and install our standardised modular systems.

We maintain a high standard and extend that to our AI Network. We only invite the very finest companies to join us after a thorough vetting process. That way we can ensure that the companies installing our products are not only trained to do the job but offer great service and expert advice as well.

By choosing to work with a Group SCS Approved Installer, you benefit from their skills and experience, as well as our support and expert knowledge.

Full access to our Modular Solutions

Smoke control is typically procured by mechanical and electrical contractors on a design, supply and install basis from a smoke control specialist.

For complex buildings with unique structure, employing a specialist is the safest route. However, the majority of higher risk residential buildings have similar smoke control requirements and are suitable for a modular standardised approach to fire safety.

Group SCS Approved Installers have full access to our complete range of Modular Solutions.

Modular Smoke Control

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James Lewis, PLP Fire Protection

I feel 100% more confident in dealing with mechanical systems. It was a great course and thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you.

Tony Oliver, Life Safety Solutions

It was what I was looking for from the course. I now know the regulations for designing compliant systems.

Emad Salem, Electec Solutions Ltd

I enjoyed learning about products and relevant laws. My practice will be improved after training.

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