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Based on the principle that the stairs, lobbies, and covered car parks of most high-rise buildings are somewhat similar, we have engineered modular smoke control systems for a range of applications. Thanks to standardisation, contractors can self-select, specify and purchase the range through a variety of routes. In addition, the building parameters are clearly defined, and for buildings falling outside the scope of these products, we provide bespoke proposals.

Save time and increase efficiency with standardised smoke control

Group SCS’s modular smoke control solutions are easy to select, install, commission, and maintain. Their open customisable software allows for maintenance by a range of contractors and therefore doesn’t tie developers in with a single manufacturer. The extensive software engineering used in creating the range reduces site time considerably. Additionally, our standardised approach eliminates the lengthy and expensive design phase. As a result, manufacturing costs and pricing are lower than they would be with a bespoke smoke control system. To illustrate the benefit, we have a created a visual timeline comparison:

Our Modular Smoke Control Systems

We have developed a comprehensive range of smoke control solutions that includes AOV Kits, BRE shafts, and mechanical smoke shafts. All of our modular solutions can be delivered by our Approved Installer Network or our Specialist Contracting Division.

Standardised MSVS

UniForce Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System

UniForce is a packaged, pre-engineered mechanical smoke ventilation system that will fit most high-rise residential buildings without the need for project-specific design or CFD modelling.

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BRE Shaft System

UniVent Smoke Shaft

UniVent is a BRE shaft Compliant with Approved Document B 2019. Natural smoke shafts have long been used to protect common escape routes in buildings. Known as BRE shafts, they are often assembled from mismatched components that do not form a comprehensive solution. The UniVent shaft is the first packaged system and remains at the leading edge of the market.

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Packaged Car Park Ventilation System

UniJet Smoke Vent System

UniJet is a packaged car park smoke vent system made up of the following components:

  • Extract Plant Room
  •  Jet or Impulse Fans
  • Control System
  • Touchscreen central control panel

The system is designed to provide smoke clearance and pollution ventilation to covered car parks to comply with current building regulations.

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Packaged Smoke and Damper Control System

UniDamp Addressable Damper Control System

The system features a user-friendly open protocol software that enables fast and effective commissioning and the ability to easily incorporate changes to cause and effect through an intuitive touchscreen menu.

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