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UniForce is a packaged mechanical smoke shaft system for protecting the escape routes in high rise residential buildings. UniForce is provided as a complete system with complementary components that have all been independently tested and certified and meet current regulations.

What is UniForce?

UniForce is a standardised, pre-engineered mechanical smoke shaft system that will fit most high-rise residential buildings without the need for project-specific design or CFD modelling.


When smoke gets into a lobby it is detected by the control system and the local ventilator powers open.

At the same time, the roof-mounted fan starts and extracts the smoky air through the rising shaft.

The natural smoke ventilator at the top of the staircase opens to allow fresh air into the building.

Simultaneously, our patented high temperature door actuator pushes the stair door open on the fire floor.

This allow the air to flow into the lobby to replace the polluted air being extracted.

Where can I use UniForce?

The UniForce system has been designed to suit most commonly used layouts for apartment buildings and a suite of templates is provided to aid selection of the correct system.

The templates specify critical information for example, the maximum stair door size, and the permitted escape travel distances. These templates allow a specifier to assess the suitability of the system for a particular building in minutes.

Approved Corridor Layouts

The following drawings indicate typical apartment building configurations with guidance on the location of equipment.

UniForce can be implemented in:

  • Buildings up to 20 storeys
  • Maximum escape travel distance of 30m per floor
Standards & Regulations

Fire engineered for enhanced safety

The system features a patented high-temperature door actuator that opens the door to the staircase to introduce a constant supply of fresh air into the lobby.

This innovation permits the system to operate in firefighting mode automatically without the need for firefighter intervention as recommended by the latest draft of BS 9991 Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings.

Third-Party Certified

UniForce meets all of the relevant standards and is implemented by our expertly trained and certified Approved Contractors.
Extract Fans
BS EN 12101-3 Smoke and heat control systems. Specification for powered smoke and heat control ventilators (Fans)
Control Panels
BS ISO 21927-9:2012 Smoke and heat control systems Part 9: Specification for control equipment
BS EN 12101 – Smoke and heat control systems Part 2 & Part 3
BS EN 12101 – Smoke and heat control systems Part 7: Smoke duct sections
Smoke Control Dampers
BS EN 12101 – Smoke and heat control systems Part 8: Smoke control dampers
Power Supplies
BS EN 12101 – Smoke and heat control systems Part 10: Power supplies

Tenant Safety

Weekly and monthly tests of smoke control systems are time-consuming and missing even one can be fatal in the event of a fire. Our remote monitoring and testing system, Eyeball, takes care of routine checks for you. The software remotely runs complete tests at regular intervals and sends health reports for your peace of mind. This reduces the cost of maintenance visits and ensures that faults do not go unnoticed and building occupants stay safe. Eyeball is a standard product feature of the UniForce system.

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