Self-installing smoke control and AOV systems are within the capabilities of most mechanical and electrical contractors, however, it should be approached with care and expertise. If a fire breaks out, there needs to be some means of removing smoke from communal lobbies or corridors adjoining the escape stairwell such as an automatic opening ventilator (AOV) or a natural/mechanical smoke shaft system. As smoke is extracted through these systems, the stairwell ventilator provides replacement air to allow people to escape safely and firefighters to enter the building.

What are the key steps to self-installing smoke control and AOV systems?

In line with the recent trend among main contractors to self-deliver MEP services, some M&E and fire alarm contractors are following a similar route by bringing smoke control in-house. If you’re thinking about selecting and self-installing smoke control and AOV systems, here are some key steps you should consider:

  • Ensure you learn about smoke control for residential buildings. Standards and regulations should be met, the most important being The Building Regulations 2010, specifically Approved Document B.
  • Determine who in the organisation will be responsible for this area of the project and if training is required, invest in a recognized training course. The Group SCS Approved Installer Network offers a range of training courses covering design, installation and commissioning of smoke control for multi storey residential developments. Find out more about the network here.
  • Engage with the right supply chain partners who can offer high quality, CE marked products. Group SCS offers a range of AOV kits designed specifically for self-installation by electrical contractors. These are available off the shelf and are all supported by the Group SCS commissioning and service network.


The Group SCS range of AOV Kits

Our AOV kit product range comprises kits containing ventilators or actuators, control panels, smoke detectors and switches designed to work out of the box without the need for specialist installation or commissioning services. These are a perfect option for self-installing smoke control and AOV systems as an M&E contractor.

Looking for more information?

Our guide to AOV Kits for Smoke Control of Common Escape Routes explains clearly what each of our systems do and where they’re suitable for use.  Click the button below to download our guide.

AOV Kits for Smoke Control of Common Escape Routes

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