Smoke control systems are installed to ensure stairways and communal corridors remain free from smoke and heat in the event of a fire within a building. This enables occupants of the building to escape and the fire service to enter the building safely.

What are AOV kits?

Our product range comprises kits containing ventilators, control panels, smoke detectors and switches designed to work out of the box without the need for specialist installation or commissioning service. Although smoke control systems can be onerous to design and install for complex buildings, self-installing the majority of smoke shaft and AOV systems is very similar and well within the capability of a competent trade contractor.

Main contractors who want to self-deliver MEP services, and M&E or fire alarm contractors who would like to bring smoke control in house, can take advantage of this kit approach and gain many benefits.

What are the benefits?

  • Product savings: Purchasing a kit works out better value than buying the individual components. Approved Installers also receive discounts on the product range
  • Improve profit: Self-installing instead of subcontracting can improve margins
  • Tried and tested configurations: Ensure compatibility between equipment and designed to meet the requirements of Approved Document B of the building regulations
  • Reduce project time: Our kits are modular so less time needs to be spent on system design and the kits can be shipped in a very timely manner to improve project delivery
  • Control of risk: Self-install can limit risk of non-performance from third party subcontractors
  • Customisation: The kit system is compatible with additional controls, smoke detectors, wind/rain sensors – all supplied by Group SCS, which can be added when required without the need to replace the original system.

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Looking for more information?

Our guide to AOV Kits for Smoke Control of Common Escape Routes explains clearly what each of our systems do and where they’re suitable for use.  Click the button below to download our guide.

AOV Kits for Smoke Control of Common Escape Routes

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