Add on features to the Group SCS smoke and daily ventilation control panels at little extra expense

After systems are set up and ready to use, they’re often left redundant. Using these pre-set controls, you can enhance the overall system by incorporating a few additional cost-efficient items. These additions can help you up-sell a system to a customer, or if you’re installing it for yourself – maximise your investment in your Group SCS control panel.

Next time you’re ordering one of our control panels, think about adding these to your order:

Daily vent switch

The addition of a daily vent switch means that the AOV can be used to open and close windows or doors for daily ventilation whenever necessary.


Thermostats can be used to monitor the temperature of lobby and corridor spaces. Upon detection of high temperatures, the thermostats will trigger the smoke shaft system into a variety of daily ventilation modes. The temperature set point is adjustable by dial within a tamper-proof housing.

Rain/wind sensor

To prevent AOVs from getting damaged in high winds or from allowing the ingress of rain or snow in daily ventilation mode, a weather sensor can be installed to automatically close vents during inclement weather conditions.

WiFi Link and Relay

Control your daily ventilation from your mobile or web app. A WiFi link connects to the back of a router, with a relay switch on the control panel, giving you the ability to use your mobile phone as a daily vent switch to open and close the vent. You can also buy additional relays to use in other parts of the house, such as lighting and heating control. This is an optional extra which isn’t available to order via the website, so contact us for more information.

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