What is an AOV kit?

The Group SCS range of AOVs is offered through kits, which contain various smoke control-related products. Together in an AOV kit, they provide a solution for just about any smoke ventilation requirement in a building.

Why do I need an AOV kit?

Group SCS’s AOV Kits are designed for self-installation and meet the requirements of Approved Document B of the Building Regulations. The kits can be installed as either stand-alone systems or be inter-connected to form modular “smoke shaft” systems without the need of additional interfaces or software. All products are CE-marked and conform to the relevant British and European standards. They work out of the box, without the need for specialist installation and commissioning services. We’ve also added a discount to the price of products when they’re bought in Kit form – making it cheaper for you than buying them all separately.

What can I expect to receive in my AOV Kit?

AOV Kits contain different products, depending on the type of installation they’re designed for. Take a look at an example of what is typically included on our kits:

AOV Kit A Overview Image

AOV Kit A :

  • Ventilator
  • Control panel
  • Switch

Smoke control training

Although our kits are designed for self-installation, it is the responsibility of the installer to ensure their systems are safe for use and properly installed.

As part of the Group SCS Approved Contractor Network, we run training on the design, installation and commissioning of smoke control systems to Approved Document B. Approved Contractors not only learn about the systems and regulations but also receive greater technical support and discounts on our range of products.

Find out more about the Approved Installer Network

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