They’ve done it!

Group SCS ‘s Managing Director Allan Meek and climbing guide Nawang Jangbu Sherpa have made it to the summit of Mount Everest!

After nearly six weeks of intense training, climbing, acclimatisation and waiting, Allan and his team from Ascent Himalayas reached the summit of the world’s highest mountain this morning as dawn broke in the UK. Allan – who we believe to be the oldest Welshman to summit Everest at the age of 56 – reached the top at 9.45am local time.

It appears Allan’s just one of several Welsh people to have successfully summited Everest, including the first Welsh man, Caradog Jones, in May 1995 at the age of 33, and the first Welsh woman, Tori James in May 2007 at the age of 25.

Long descent to Everest Base Camp

Allan, who is currently on the long descent back towards the other camps and finally Everest Base Camp, is part of a team of eight members and nine climbing Sherpas, led by Pasang Tensing. All summited Everest this morning.

On a post on its Facebook page this morning, Ascent Himalayas wrote: “Allan Meek (UK/Welsh) summited Mount Everest (8,848m) on his first attempt with his climbing guide Nawang Jangbu Sherpa (Nepal).”. Sherpas are an ethnic group native to regions of Nepal. Every year they guide and assist mountaineers on their quest to summit Everest.

Other notable achievements within Allan’s group include Torkjel Hurtig, who at 27 has become the youngest Norwegian ever to summit Everest via its South side, supported by climbing guide Yukta Tamu (Nepal).

John Burke, from Ireland, became the first to summit from Clare, while Une Prestholt (Norway) and Richard Brook (Australia) both summited on their third attempts following two previous attempts.

SCS Group MD Allan Meek and his climbing guide Nawang Jangbu Sherpa summit Everest
The route that Allan Meek’s team took up Everest

Ascent Himalayas, a Nepalese company, wrote on Facebook this morning: “Ascent Himalayas family would like to congratulate all our members and climbing guides for the successful Everest Expedition 2017.”

Also we thank Pasang Tenzing Sherpa, Everest Team Leader, for his great guidance throughout the journey and Mingma Tsiri Sherpa for his great management during the expedition and keeping us updated with all the details.”

‘I had no doubt he would make it to the summit’

Allan’s son Ben Meek, who works at Group SCS as Design Manager/Fire Engineer, said: “I’m really proud of dad, this is a fantastic achievement. I had no doubt he would make it to the summit, he always achieves whatever he puts his mind to. I can’t imagine what’s he’s planning to do after this!”

Ben added: “I hope he stays close to home for a while, my girls are really missing him.”

Also this morning, Allan’s friend Cian O Brolchain, from Ireland, became the first Irish person to summit Mount Lhotse (8,516m).

After returning to Base Camp, Allan and his group will pack up their camp and prepare to descend. This will see them trekking to Pheriche, Namche and Lukla over a number of days before flying to Kathmandu. He will then have a rest day in Kathmandu before departing for the UK.

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