What is the difference between a Teleflex and an actuator?

Teleflex Clearline or Highline are remote manual window operators regularly used and specified as a budget environmental ventilation option. Most commonly schools, universities, and properties that need a budget-driven manual opening solution for high-level windows opt for a Teleflex.

On the other hand, electric window actuators are an alternative solution to manual window controls. They are perceived as an expensive choice in comparison with products such as Teleflex for ventilating indoor spaces. While this may have been true in the past, there are now great budget options for electric window actuators. Not only do they offer great quality at an affordable price, but they are also easy to install and operate. For example, we have a number of entry-level electric chain actuators for most applications and budgets for sale in our online shop. Their price is similar and in some cases lower than that of Teleflex operators.

4 reasons to consider a chain actuator over Teleflex:

1. They are Similar in Price

As mentioned previously, entry-level actuators don’t differ drastically in price from Teleflex. To illustrate, our EV-AS and EV-Dual Entry-level chain drives are cheaper or equivalent in price to some Teleflex operators.

2. Easy to Install

Chain drives are universal in their fitting, almost all window types and profiles can be automated by an actuator. Installation times for installing actuators are dramatically reduced compared to the time-consuming Teleflex. Due to Teleflex being a modular component system, the joining and fixing will take longer than an actuator to fit at the window and mounting surface.

3. Automation Options

With a chain actuator, you have the option to automatically fully or partly open windows dependent upon the indoor climatic condition. Teleflex relies on winding a handle using dexterity, if several windows are linked to the winding handle, a greater level of strength may be required. Actuated windows simply open by a single touch of a button or activation by a sensor. Automatic activation can also limit or stop the spread of hand-passed germs or viruses.

4. Less Maintenance Required

Due to the actuator being a sealed unit and little to no exposed mechanical parts, an actuator needs very little maintenance in comparison to Teleflex. Typically, in a Teleflex system, there are a number of mechanical components and joints that over time or with excessive use can impact the functionality and longevity of the system.

Find out more about actuators

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