what-is-build-to-rent-btrIncreasing demand from renters is changing the way the construction industry operates. In light of the ongoing changes, residential developers are increasingly investing in the PRS (Private Rental Sector) and Build to Rent (BtR) properties. These types of developments, usually HRRBs (high-risk residential buildings), are created with the purpose of being rented out and remain in the long-term ownership of the developers. As a result, the importance of quality and maintenance opportunities is becoming essential to developers who invest in BtR.

In an article about BtR, architects Chapman Taylor say:

“As BtR developments are designed for long-term investment purposes, the life-cycle of the building materials used plays a much greater role than in other developments. Finishes need to be high-quality, robust, easily maintainable, readily accessible and designed to last.”

Some developers, such as Quintain, have gone as far as to create a separate brand for their BtR properties. Tipi, Quintain’s Build to Rent brand, currently manages six developments, in some of which you can find Group SCS’s systems. With the British Property Federation reporting that nearly 10,000 Build to Rent properties were completed in 2019 (31% more than in 2018), there is little doubt that BtR is here to stay.


Long-term safety and expert maintenance of smoke control systems

Group SCS’s Modular range of smoke control solutions is designed for HRRBs (high-risk residential buildings) that fit within a predefined scope. As a result of its standardised production, the range offers consistent and reliable results. As well as that, its simplified maintenance process makes it the perfect choice for BtR developments. The products’ in-built features ensure the system continues to work efficiently long after the installer has left site. With attention to long-term safety, the open customisable software makes our solutions compatible with a range of maintenance options. Moreover, the full functionality of the monitoring and self-testing features is available when coupled with our monitoring software, Eyeball.


Ensure consistent compliance with remote smoke control monitoring and testing

Eyeball is an ideal long-term maintenance solution that lowers risks and increases efficiency. Its automatic testing and remote reporting functions eliminate the need for weekly and monthly checks. In addition to that, Group SCS’s fire safety expertise is a guarantee that projects comply with all current building regulations and that building users are fully protected in the event of a fire. All Group SCS standard systems have access to all functionalities of the Eyeball system. Other systems can utilise the technology, however it will have significantly reduced capabilities.