Problem-solver Michael enjoys Controls Manager role

A picture of Michael Brennan, Controls Manager at SCS Group

Michael Brennan, Controls Manager at SCS Group

MICHAEL Brennan has been at SCS Group for just over a year, working as Controls Manager at our manufacturing facility in Dorset.

We thought it would be interesting to find out more about Michael and what led him to his role at SCS Group…

Michael completed an integrated Master’s Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Portsmouth, after which he joined VES Andover Ltd as a controls engineer.

In this role, he designed bespoke control systems and then progressed to focus on software development, implementing standard solutions to remove 90% of the requirement for bespoke software.

Range of responsibilities

He said: “During this time I undertook a range of responsibilities including CAD design, software development, technical support, project management, commissioning, documentation writing and technical sales support.”

In 2013 Michael became Controls and Technical Manager, responsible for 12 members of staff covering the controls design, manufacturing, and technical support teams. The company then integrated the technical support and customer services teams which led to his position as Controls and Customer Services Manager in 2014, when he was responsible for about 30 members of staff. His role included CAD design, software design, controls manufacturing and testing, stores, technical support, commissioning, and warranty-based call-outs.

He said: “At this position I was mostly involved in overseeing the daily duties of the teams as well as developing system and process improvements.  A major part of this role included setting KPIs for the teams and team members, and delivering upon plans to achieve targets set by the board of directors.”

A picture of SCS Group's manufacturing facility in Dorset, where Michael Brennan, Controls Manager, works

SCS Group’s manufacturing facility in Dorset, where Michael Brennan, Controls Manager, works

Controls Manager role

Michael joined SCS Group in March 2016 as a Controls Engineer and has since been promoted to Controls Manager. He is based at our factory in Dorset and is responsible for the manufacturing teams – this includes design, manufacturing, testing and stores. He is aiming to develop these teams to have a more efficient and organised approach and to review SCS Group’s growth expectations in order to effectively plan resources.

Talking about his role at SCS Group, Michael said: “I really enjoy problem solving, whether this be in the design side of my role or looking at system and procedural problems which need improvement.”

Outside work, Michael enjoys getting out into the fresh air for rock climbing and snowboarding.

Find out more about SCS Group’s manufacturing facility, where Michael works, by clicking here. SCS Group manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of control panels and equipment for use on BEMS, smoke/natural ventilation and process automation projects.