MD shares Everest stories with primary school pupils

A picture of two pupils during the single rope demonstration

Allan Meek gives the youngsters a single rope demonstration during his presentation about climbing Mount Everest

SCS Group Managing Director Allan Meek went back to school this month to share his experiences of conquering Mount Everest.

Allan, who summited the world’s tallest mountain in May last year, visited Summercroft Primary School in Bishop’s Stortford, Herts, to talk to children from the junior school about his adventure.

His talk included a presentation on a big screen filled with facts, pictures and videos – including a video of him accidentally slipping off a ladder above a crevasse. That video proved popular with the kids – as it has done with a worldwide audience racking up more than 134,000 views on YouTube since being uploaded to his own YouTube channel in June 2017. You can see the video at

Rope demonstration

He also did a demonstration with ropes to show what he had to do while climbing up and down Everest.

He explained how he had had to use an altitude training mask before the trip and shared how he had also climbed other mountains before Everest.

He also told the children about the dangers of climbing Everest and explained the ‘Death Zone’, the region above 25,000 feet, where no human can survive long due to the lack of oxygen in the thin air.

The pupils watching Allan's Everest presentation on a screen

The pupils watching Allan’s Everest presentation on a screen

Teacher Emily Richardson said: “The children absolutely loved it! They were so engaged and had endless questions.

‘Perfect stimulus’

“They especially enjoyed the opportunities to get involved, trying out the altitude mask and the one-rope system. It was the perfect stimulus for our topic and the children were totally inspired by you. Please come back every year!”

Allan said: “It was the most fun I’ve had this year. The children were really enthusiastic and asked lots of questions. They were particularly interested in dead bodies, what we ate on the expedition and where we went to the toilet! I can’t wait for the next one.”

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