25 years of loving construction: West 12 Shopping Centre

This month SCS Group celebrates its 25th anniversary. As part of this, we are publishing a series of case studies looking back at our work over the years. In the sixth in the series, we look back at West 12 Shopping Centre, in Shepherd’s Bush, London, where we carried out smoke control work in the early 2000s.

A picture of West 12 Shopping Centre, Shepherd's Bush, London, where SCS Group carried out smoke control work in 2001

25 years of loving construction: West 12 Shopping Centre, Shepherd’s Bush, London, where SCS Group carried out smoke control work in 2001

“West 12 Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush was one of my first projects at SCS Group – Smoke Control Services at the time,” remembers Projects Director Christopher Jones, then a Projects Engineer.

“This particular project allowed me to learn a variety of elements of the smoke ventilation market very quickly – and certainly gave me plenty of useful knowledge.

“I particularly enjoyed the weekly progress meetings at 2pm on a Friday!”

SCS Group became involved in the West 12 Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush during its redevelopment, which saw a refurbishment of the existing retail floor space. The works included a new fitness club and 12-screen multiplex cinema.

Smoke control system

SCS Group loving construction logoSCS Group was appointed to design and install the smoke control system for the project by a Hochtief Miller Joint Venture.

The main challenges encountered by SCS Group’s design engineer were in integrating the system into the existing structure.

The installation also had to be completed while the centre continued trading, which made the planning stages of the job crucial for a successful completion.

The system selected comprised 18 1250-diameter high temperature extract fans.

Fire-rated ductwork, control dampers and ancillaries were also included in the final system. Automatic smoke curtains were installed to provide zone segregation, to be controlled by a bespoke intelligent control system.

Hot smoke test

SCS Group completed the installation of the system during December 2001. This was followed by a final live functioning testing with hot smoke.

Christopher remembers: “We did a smoke test right at the end for all the professional team from the main mall area.

“It was impressive to see the automatic smoke curtains channeling the smoke into the main area where the smoke was extracted.”

Malcolm Barren, of Miller Construction, said: “The contract was carried out efficiently and professionally. A pleasure to work with, Smoke Control has a non-contractual, non-adversarial positive approach.”