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We offer a full range of Natural Smoke Vent Systems for all construction sectors and can design, engineer, install, commission, and maintain through our specialist contracting division.

UniVent is a natural smoke shaft (BRE shaft) Compliant with Approved Document B. Natural smoke shafts have long been used to protect common escape routes in buildings. Known as BRE shafts, they are often assembled from mismatched components that do not form a comprehensive solution. The UniVent shaft is the first packaged modular system and remains at the leading edge of the market.

The UniVent system was designed using the fundamentals of lean construction. This Natural Smoke Vent System requires no bespoke design or on-site programming and is automatically configured to operate to the design control philosophy. Moreover, UniVent works straight out of the box and can be used on most higher-risk residential buildings.


How it works

The UniVent BRE smoke shaft system monitors conditions within lobbies of high rise residential buildings and on detection of smoke the vent in the lobby opens together with the vent at the head of the shaft and the stairwell ventilator. Any smoke entering the lobby is exhausted through the smoke shaft keeping the staircase free of smoke to enable occupants to escape from the building.



Where can I use it?

The Univent BRE smoke shaft system can be used on most high rise residential buildings where the escape travel distance is within the limits specified in Approved document B of the Building Regulations. The latest version of the Smoke Control Association Guidance on Smoke Control to Common Escape Routes in Apartment Buildings (Flats and Maisonettes).

Third-Party Certified

UniJet meets all of the relevant standards and is implemented by trained third party certified installers.

BS EN 12101 – Smoke and heat control systems Compliant
Part 2  – Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators.
Part 8  – Smoke control dampers (AOV’s).
Part 10 – Power supplies.



Lobby Interface Panel
Smoke Shaft Damper
Stair / Shaft Vent Louvre

Build your own BRE shaft

The UniVent Natural Ventilation System is a BRE Shaft System made up of AOV Kits. It is designed to exhaust smoke from the common lobbies through a builder’s work shaft and operates automatically via smoke detection.

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