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Our System Manual holds important system information as well as links to relevant documents and schematics that specifiers can download and include in their tender documentation.


Mechanical Smoke Shaft System

UniForce is a standardised, pre-engineered mechanical smoke shaft system that will fit most high-rise residential buildings right out of the box without the need for project-specific design or CFD modelling. Based on years of research and extensive modelling of common building configurations, the system can be selected, costed, specified, and designed right up to RIBA stage 4 from our standard templates.

The Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System is packed with unique features like a remote test facility that helps ensure safety for tenants of buildings without an on-site maintenance presence and all system components are third party tested and certified. Uniforce is available for installation by our in-house Specialist Contracting Division or through our trained Approved Installer Network.

Easy to select and specify

Uniforce has been designed to facilitate the work of clients, designers, and contractors. By following the steps below you can implement our Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System in any project that fits within its scope:

  • Check your building layout fits one of our standard templates (if not contact us to discuss other options)
  • Use our budget cost generator to obtain an installed price instantly
  • Download and use our document library as needed
  • When you are ready to purchase, you can obtain the system through our Specialist Contracting Division or through our trained Approved Installer Network

Technical manual

Specifications for cut and paste

Design report for submission to building control

Single line diagrams

CAD and BIM models

Technical Manual

Choose your corridor layout

The following drawings indicate typical apartment building configurations with guidance on the location of equipment. To see the relevant system manual, select the corridor that best describes the layout of your project.

Explore further

We work closely with key decision-makers throughout the design and construction process to provide guidance on how to make buildings safer using a standardised approach to smoke ventilation systems. Our extensive library of standardised system information can be accessed upon request and includes schematics, documents, and datasheets that help our partners at every stage of the RIBA Plan.
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