Specify your Mechanical Smoke Shaft in under 30 minutes

Specifying a fire-engineered smoke control system for a high-rise residential development can seem like a daunting prospect for a mechanical services engineer. The fire strategy says you need one, but that’s as far as it goes.

That’s where our UniForce Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System comes in – it’s a predesigned system that fits a range of building configurations and all of the information is available to download from day one. It meets all of the latest guidance from the Smoke Control Association and British Standards and is installed by our network of trained and third-party certified partners.

Step 1: Check if your building fits one of the standard layouts

If your project doesn’t quite fit any of the approved corridor layouts, you can submit your project details using this form and our technical support team will advise you on a solution.

View Approved Corridor Layouts
Submit Project Details

Step 2: Check the Budget

If you need to, you can check the system is within the client’s budget by using our price generator tool. This will give you a generous allowance for supply, installation, and commissioning that should not be exceeded. When it comes to tendering, the main contractor can obtain a competitive quote from any of our Approved Installers.

Step 3: Download your specification

Add the relevant specification for the system – single shaft or double shaft, depending on your building layout. All relevant documents and diagrams are available in the UniForce System Manual.

Single Shaft System Manual Twin Shaft System Manual

That’s it – sit back, relax, and have a coffee break!

You can get all of the technical information you need for your building design from the System Manual, including plant space, electrical loadings, wiring schematics and more.

Get access to the BIM Models and CFD Report

You can also download BIM models for the system components, and when you are ready for Building Control Approval we even have a detailed CFD report ready and waiting for you. As this information is considered sensitive, please follow the link below to request access to the BIM Library and CFD Report.

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