Energy Management takes centre stage at Lyric Theatre Refurbishment

Project title: Lyric Hammersmith

Location: London

Client: Essex Services Group

Service: BEMS

Project Background

Built in 1895, the Lyric Hammersmith theatre in London is a focal point for its local community and the wider artists scene in the city.

As part of a substantial new renovation (in part funded by the aforementioned community), the structure had a requirement for an entirely new energy management system, with primary M&E contractor Essex Services Group selecting SCS Group’s Building Automation division for the works.

It was important for the building owner to maintain its ongoing ‘Creative Industry Green’ accreditation, and so there was a desire for an efficient and flexible BEMS system to be designed and installed.

Group SCS’s Involvement

Distinct main control panels
To offer the building an efficient, effective future, Group SCS’s proposition was one based on a setup of four distinct main control panels (each manufactured in-house by us), utilising Trend controls to govern systems such as air handing, heating, hot water provision and energy metering.
Touchscreen interface
Each system was routed to a bespoke HMI touchscreen interface to allow for simple system monitoring and control by the building user, with a focus on user-friendliness and energy management.
Ongoing support
Design, installation and commissioning were all handled by SCS Building Automation, before handing over to SCS Support for a free 6-month health check and ongoing maintenance and software updates/support.

The Client

Group SCS was selected on the back of a long and successful working relationship with Essex Services Group, and the confident understanding that our suggested engineering solution would not only be a success in terms of energy management and user control for the client, but also be lean, efficient and cost-effective while maintaining the theatre’s ‘Creative Industry Green’ accreditation.

Dennis Benjamin, Project Manager, Essex Services Group:
“One thing really stood out when working with Group SCS: responsiveness. I appreciate them always being on the ball, as well as their accurate delivery schedule, great site performance and quality of install."
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