Greenwich Peninsula Plot 103

Project delivered using impressive BIM at Greenwich Peninsula

Project title: Greenwich Peninsula Plot 103

Location: Greenwich Peninsula, London

Client: Ardmore Construction

Service: BMS & Smoke Control

Project Background

Greenwich Peninsula is an impressive development set to thrive in a 62,500 square metre district comprising commercial, retail and office space. Located one Underground stop from Canary Wharf and in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Knight Dragon’s Greenwich Peninsula will have more than 10,000 housing units across 51 residential developments, providing homes for 23,000 people.

Residential units will combine with 48 acres of open green spaces and will be located alongside shops, hotels, schools and public facilities, all outlined by 1.6 miles of waterfront.

Greenwich Peninsula, one of the largest regeneration schemes in Europe, is located right next to The O2 and the Emirates Air Line Cable Car. Work at the site is planned to take around 20 years in total.

The Project

The Client
In January 2016, Group SCS was brought in by Ardmore Construction to design, install and commission BMS (Building Management System), daily ventilation and mechanical smoke extract with ventilation for plot MO103.
Our Involvement
We provided a BMS monitoring system for the district heating and landlord’s ventilation which serves the four residential blocks. The BMS also monitors the four independent mechanical shaft systems for the corridor smoke extraction.

Our Solution

Stringently adhering to Buro Happold’s strictly specified contract, we had a fast moving program for the first two blocks. We implemented both the design and first fix cabling very quickly to avoid causing delays on the site program.

We integrated the whole site using open protocol communications, resulting in the BMS communicating with the smoke extract systems and relaying information to the landlord’s central control via BACnet. It is also graphically represented at a head end computer in the concierge, allowing the systems to be maintained remotely.

In the corridors, we installed dampers that use a push-pull system which comprise a supply and extract smoke shaft. Smoke extract fans on the roof will pull the smoke through the corridors via the extract shaft while supply fans will push fresh air into the corridor. The supply and extract shafts are located as such to move the smoke away from the stair door. We also installed vents in the firefighting stairs and protected corridors, while the control panels and BMS were fitted in the basement.

The development also has staged delivery and commissioning for each of the four blocks, which is accommodated by the landlord’s services (heating, ventilation and electric) and BMS coming online first.


This project was particularly interesting as it is fully delivered in BIM (Building Information Modelling) to LOD (Level of Definition) 300-350 detail. This 3D model, which architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, designers and contractors all contribute to, provides a life-like representation of the building and all its components. It also stores data on each product – including item description, replacement parts, weight, colour and size – in one single file. Anyone maintaining the building can then access the file and see which services are running at what cost. The model aims to ease the design and construction phases, as well as lower both cost and emissions.

We are also supplying information on the BIM for COBIE (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) for the site maintenance procedures, with data from the 3D model being sent to a spreadsheet so that it can be reviewed.

Dave Jenkinson, Contracts Manager at Group SCS:
“The project team at Ardmore are great to work with and we are building a great relationship with them. Working with BIM in the design phase has been very interesting and all aspects of the system are highly documented."
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