Budget Cost Generator

With the Group SCS Budget Cost Generator, you can receive detailed system and budget information in a few quick and easy steps.

What is the Budget Cost Generator?

An online system selector for our UniForce Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System

To help specifiers select the right UniForce system for their needs and quickly obtain a budget estimeate, we developed an online calculator that goes through the requirements of a project and generates a component breakdown, as well as a budget estimate. The Budget Cost Generator can be used alongside relevant documentation to generate a well-rounded system specification in a few quick and easy steps.

Using the Budget Cost Generator

Take a look at how you can select a system based on your requirements and receive a budget estimate in minutes.

How it works

Select your system in 6 easy steps

The Budget Cost Generator is easy to use and navigate. Every question is supported by an explanation and images to help you understand the system.

In order to send you a record of your results and a budget summary, we ask for your email. You can also choose to add a project name and location if you want to specify a system for a specific building. You will receive a record of your selections straight to your inbox after you submit your answers.

As well as that, we offer a simplified version of the tool for users that only require a rough budget estimate. The Quick Selector Tool gives you a budget estimate based on the number of protected lobbies in a project.

How to specify your system

After you select your UniForce Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System, you can access a wide range of supporting documents in our Technical Library. As well as that, you can send us drawings of your project and benefit from the advice of our expert Specialist Contracting team.

Access the Budget Cost Generator

Select your corridor layout

Select whether you require daily ventilation or not.

Choose how your system will activate.

Enter how many lobbies require protection.

Select whether an automatic transfer switch should be included in your system.

Click Submit and see your budget estimate!

Receive a Budget Summary straight to your inbox and visit the Technical Library to view and download all the relevant system documents.

Start using the Budget Cost Generator!

The Budget Cost Generator can be used to estimate the price of a mechanical smoke vent system, including installation and commissioning at a standard rate.

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