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All of our Approved Installers have undertaken our training course and are certified to operate and install our systems.

A network of Group SCS approved contractors trained and supported by us.

We maintain a high standard and this extends to our Approved Installer Network. By choosing to work with a Group SCS Approved Installer, you benefit from their skills and experience, as well as the support and expert knowledge of Group SCS.  
Expert training
Approved Installers are contractors that have met our high entry requirements and undertaken the Group SCS training courses.
Expertise assurance
Approved Installers are certified and equipped with the tools and knowledge required to operate and install our systems.
Quality guarantee
Approved Installers will provide the correct Group SCS products and method of installation to help you achieve the best results.

Find an Installer by location

Use the map below to find a Group SCS Approved Installer in your area.

Approved Installers in your area

Our Approved Installer Network, covers the UK and Northern Ireland. By choosing to work with an Approved Installer, you not only benefit from their skills and experience, you also benefit from our support and expert knowledge.



Use the map to find an installer near you and find out more information about them.

Find an Installer by work undertaken

Looking for a specific type of job to be undertaken?

Our Approved Installer Network, covers the UK and Northern Ireland. You can see the services offered by each Approved Installer below.

Approved installerUniStairUniVentUniForceUniDampUniJet
Advanced Fire TechnologiesYesYes
Advanced Ventilation Solutions NIYesYesYesYesYes
Armoury Security & Fire YesYesYes
Balmoral Systems LtdYesYesYes
BBC Fire & SecurityYesYesYes
Bespoke Detection Services LtdYesYesYes
Crouch ElectricalYesYes
East West ConnectYesYesYesYes
Electec SolutionsYesYes
FAFS Fire & SecurityYesYesYes
Fire & Security ConsultancyYesYes
Fire Systems LtdYesYes
Gallico SystemsYesYesYes
HF Fire & SecurityYesYes
Ladrillos Facilities LtdYesYes
Marlowe Fire & SecurityYesYesYes
Newton ElectricalYesYesYesYes
Nomico Electrical Company LTDYesYesYes
PLP Fire ProtectionYesYesYesYesYes
Proactive Fire SolutionsYesYesYesYesYes
RDS Fire and SecurityYesYes
RGE ServicesYesYes
SBI Solutions Ltd YesYesYes
Triangle ElectricalYesYes

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Become a Group SCS Approved Installer and benefit from exposure, training, support and a discount on our entire range of products.

Explore our Smoke Vent Systems

Mechanical Smoke Shafts for protecting the means of escape in residential buildings and for firefighting access in commercial, retail, and public buildings.
We offer a full range of natural ventilators including glazed and insulated units, as well as louvre and hatch type vents for vertical and pitched roof mounting.
Car Park Smoke Vent Systems designed to provide smoke clearance and pollution ventilation to covered car parks to comply with current building regulations.
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