EV-HE080 Firemans Override Switch

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Electrical manual emergency override switch HE-080 orange

The HE 080 Orange is a main SHEV-button of electrical line-monitored SHEV systems (SHEV 3, SHEV 6, ESM-T / X, - tested according to DIN EN 12101-9), whose board is interchangeable. The "UP" and "CLOSE" buttons are included.
On the main SHEV-button there are three LED indicators for SHEV (according to the VdS guideline 2592 and in the sense of the MBO): "triggered" = red, "ready" = green and "fault" = yellow. A buzzer signals a trip or a fault. This can be eliminated with the mute key (inclusive).

The HE 080 is available in impact-resistant plastic housing (ABS), in accordance with DIN 14655, in RAL color 2011 and complete with thin-glass disc and key as a unit.

Dimensions: 125 * 125 * 36 mm (H * W * D)

The electrical SHEV emergency button type HE 080 Orange is used as a main or secondary SHEV-button (in accordance with DIN 18232/2 and LBO) in smoke and heat extraction systems. In case of fire, the respective electrical control unit is controlled manually by the heat and smoke extraction button and activates the smoke extraction.

Acoustic signal in the event of an alarm or fault

The main SHEV-button is equipped with a buzzer, which emits an acoustic signal in the event of an alarm or fault. The signal can be reset using the mute button.

Manual control device at a glance:

  • Can be used as main and secondary SHEV-button
  • Reliable activation of the electrical control device in case of fire
  • available with integrated buzzer
  • Resettable with mute button

Under the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) it is a legal requirement to use only certified products for smoke ventilation. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure installations meet the relevant standards. For more information see SCS Group’s Technical Bulletin.

Article nameMain SHEV button type HE 080 Orange
Input voltage24 V DC
IP codeIP40
Weight0.2 kg
Housing width125 mm
Housing height125 mm
Nominal working temperature20 °C
Environment temperature range-5 °C - 75 °C
HousingSurface-mounted plastic housing, optionally in flush-mounted housing with rotating door, impact glass and key
Appliance classIII
Housing type
LED signsRed = Triggering (SHEV ON)Yellow = breakdownGreen = ready
Housing depth36 mm

Control Panels 4 to 5 weeks
Actuators (non-stock items) 2 to 3 weeks
Ventilators 4 to 5 weeks
Louvred Windows 8 to 10 weeks
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