Meet Dave Jenkinson, Design Manager (BEMS)



After finishing his A-levels, Dave began an apprenticeship as an Instrument Technician at InstEng, in Cardiff. The apprenticeship took four years to complete and included attending part-time college for an ONC and HNC in Electrical Engineering.

While at InstEng, Dave met Mike Jackson (now BEMS Manager at Group SCS) who was on work experience. During his time at the company, Dave progressed to full engineer while working in sectors such as steelworks, pharmaceutical, food processing, munitions plants and chemical plants.

Dave left InstEng and after a number of years got back in touch with Mike Jackson. He said: “We started True Controls shortly afterwards. We ran True Controls from 2007 to 2012 and during that time met Group SCS and started a working relationship. In 2012 Group SCS took over the running of True Controls and Mike Jackson came with.”

Dave subcontracted to Group SCS and another company called Global Building Controls (GBC) before taking on a full-time role with GBC, first managing the national M&E contract works and then, in the latter 2 years, managing the data centre works that the company did globally.

In 2015 Dave joined Group SCS as a Contracts Manager, helping to grow the newly opened London office. He worked mainly with smoke control, while also helping to grow the BEMS order book.

He said: “Over the years as the BEMS has grown, my role has shifted to Design Manager and now I solely focus on BEMS design work which consists of preconstruction design, tech subs and drawings. I then see the projects through to delivery and commissioning focusing on software and graphics while working with the commissioning teams.”

When asked what part of his job he enjoys the most Dave said: “I enjoy the creative control over projects as there is quite a high creative demand on designing and building systems that are easily used and understood by the end clients. A lot of the creativity comes in the graphical interfaces for the projects, but to drive good graphics you need to have the software correctly designed behind it and the correct points interfaced at hardware level. I spend a lot of time training the engineers with the above processes and it is also very satisfying watching them deliver good work.”

Away from Group SCS, Dave enjoys surfing and wakeboarding and tries to get away for a surfing holiday every year if possible.

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