Retro Kit

A range of products that enable the selection, replacement and installation of faulty, non-compliant or damaged smoke control systems.

A range of products created to enable the easy replacement of smoke control systems

Our Smoke Control System Replacement Kit – Retro Kit has been developed to allow building owners, managers and tenants to have confidence in the operation of their buildings’ smoke control system. The range of products enable the easy selection, replacement and installation of faulty, non-compliant or damaged systems.

It is cost effective and uses open protocol software. Our Smoke Control System Replacement Kit includes both modular and central control panels, so that existing cabling (where possible) can be used for minimal disruption to tenants.

Subject to the existing cabling and a site survey, the system can be integrated with our self-test proactive maintenance software called Eyeball. Eyeball is a remote self-testing system, which gives the building owner comfort that their life safety systems are operating correctly.

Why is Retro Kit the best solution for you?

Most multi-occupancy residential buildings will have a smoke ventilation system installed. Be it either a small single stair building, or a building with a multi-level smoke ventilation system.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that “smoke control equipment be serviced in accordance with BS 7346-8:2013-9, BS 9999:2017 Annex V, to the requirements of the applicable parts of BS EN 12101 and the manufacturer’s service specification by a suitably trained and competent person within six months of commissioning and annually thereafter”.

The ‘responsible person’ at commercial buildings, non-domestic and multi-occupancy premises in England and Wales is obliged to undertake a ‘suitable and sufficient’ fire risk assessment, carried out under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This obligation extends to ensuring that all fire prevention and safety systems are in full working order, including smoke control ventilation systems and their components.

Installation and availability

The Smoke Control System Replacement Kit is available via our national network of Group SCS Approved Installers. The products are manufactured in our factory in Bournemouth and are available from stock. To reduce the initial cost of a system, Group SCS can arrange finance to spread the cost over either three or five years to help manage the cost of building maintenance.

Your local Approved Installer will carry out a site survey and advise which Retro-Kit suits your system. An Eyeball suitability survey can also be carried during our consultation.

Want to find out more about our Smoke Control System Replacement Kit?

Download our Retro Kit brochure to find out more about our Retro Kits and what systems they can replace.

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