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We offer a full range of Natural Smoke Ventilation systems for all construction sectors and can design, engineer, install, commission and maintain through our specialist contracting division. In addition we have a unique range of standardised solutions for common applications available through our approved installer network.
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A System Schematic showing our UniVent Natural Smoke Shaft

Natural Smoke and Heat Evacuation Systems


Group SCS has more than 25 years of experience in designing and implementing Natural Smoke Ventilation systems for large buildings including shopping centres, warehouses, and industrial buildings. We offer a full range of natural ventilators including glazed and insulated units, as well as louvre and hatch type vents for vertical and pitched roof mounting.

UniVent Natural Smoke Shaft

UniVent is a natural smoke shaft (BRE shaft) Compliant with Approved Document B 2013. Natural smoke shafts have long been used to protect common escape routes in buildings. Known as BRE shafts, they are often assembled from mismatched components that do not form a comprehensive solution. The UniVent shaft is the first packaged modular system and remains at the leading edge of the market.

How it works

The UniVent system by Group SCS was designed using the fundamentals of lean construction.

The system requires no bespoke design or on-site programming and is automatically configured to operate to the design control philosophy. Moreover, UniVent works straight out of the box and can be used on almost any higher-risk residential buildings.

System Selection and Specification

The standardised design documents have been developed to simplify the process of making correct provision for smoke control for the common areas of high-rise residential buildings during the planning and early stages of design.
A detailed breakdown that outlines all the details included the system budget for the UniVent Natural Smoke Shaft system.
A document outlining the system specification of UniVent that can be inserted into the employer's requirements and specifications.
A breakdown of the system components, complete with datasheets for detailed design stages and coordination with M&E services.

Installation Options

UniVent is available for purchase from our online shop, however for optimal results, we recommend you employ a Group SCS Approved Installer. All of our Approved Installers have undertaken our training course and are certified to operate and install our modular systems.

Implement UniVent in your projects

You can visit our shop to configure, purchase, and order the UniVent Natural Smoke Shaft system entirely online.

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