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Group SCS offers a full range of mechanical smoke control systems for application in all construction sectors. We offer design, engineering, installation, commissioning and maintainance services of all the systems in our range through our Specialist Contracting Division. Additionally, our unique range of standardised smoke control solutions for common applications is available through our Approved Installer Network.
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Mechanical Smoke Ventilation

Mechanical smoke control systems for a wide range of construction sectors.

Group SCS offers a full range of mechanical smoke control systems for application in all construction sectors.

Our Specialist Contracting Division can design, engineer, install, commission and maintain all of the systems in our range. Additionally, we offer a unique range of standardised solutions for common applications available through our Approved Installer Network.

Pressurisation systems

Group SCS offers the design and installation of systems compliant to BS EN 12101-6 for all building classifications. Commissioning and ongoing maintenance are handled by our expert Support and aftercare team.

What’s included in our Pressurisation Systems:

  • Supply fan sets assembled and tested off-site complete with onboard controls
  • Air release ventilation, including extract shafts, mechanical air release, automatic opening ventilators
  • Pressure relief ventilators
  • Comprehensive control system utilising open protocol software

See how we implemented a Pressurisation System in Cardiff’s Holland House:

Mechanical SHEV Systems

We deliver bespoke smoke control solutions for complex projects that require a unique approach on a case-by-case basis through our Specialist Contracting Division. These individually designed and manufactured mechanical smoke and heat evacuation systems suit a wide range of applications including retail centres, transport hubs, and commercial buildings.

See examples of our work on Westfield Shopping Centre and Birmingham New Street Station below.


Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System

UniForce is a fire engineered smoke control solution designed to extract smoke from the lobbies while fresh air is drawn in from the staircase to maintain suitable conditions both for means of escape and firefighting.

The extract is provided by a run and standby axial flow fan arrangement mounted onto an off-site manufactured skid assembly and positioned on the roof. Inlet air is provided via a roof-mounted stairwell ventilator. A builder’s work shaft connects each lobby, and the air is extracted from the lobby through a fire-rated damper.

Selection and specification

We work closely with key decision-makers throughout the design and construction process to provide guidance on how to make buildings safer using a standardised approach to smoke ventilation systems. You can view and download our UniForce System Manual with standardised system information that includes schematics, documents, and datasheets that help our partners at every stage of the RIBA Plan.

Mechanical Smoke Shafts

Group SCS is an expert provider of Mechanical Smoke Shafts for protecting the means of escape in residential buildings and for firefighting access in commercial, retail, and public buildings. All system types are available to suit individual building requirements including push-pull, variable pressure, and “floppy door” systems. Additionally, environmental ventilation including cooling is an optional feature for all systems.

All products are fully compliant with all relevant standards including:

  • Fans: BS EN 12101-3
  • Lobby Ventilators: BS EN 12101-8
  • Stairwell ventilators: BS EN 12101-2
  • Control panels: BS EN 12101-10
  • Ductwork: BS EN 12101-7

UniForce Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System

View and download the UniForce System Manual and request access to additional resources that will help you select and specify the system in your projects. You can view and download system specifications, technical submittals, and schematics as well as use our online selector tool to receive a budget estimate and summary.

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