Environmental Ventilation Kit 1 – actuator and control panel

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This kit is designed for simple, easy automation of small to medium top, bottom and side hung windows for Environmental Ventilation.

The kit comprises of:

  • 1 x EV-AS – Adjustable Stroke Chain Actuator 24V DC, 250N, Silver
  • 1 x EV-VENT3 – Control Panel
  • 1 x EV-ITH – Tamper Proof Thermostat
  • 1 x EV-RS – Rain Detector for Ventilation Systems

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The Environmental Ventilation Kit 1 has been specifically designed to ensure you have everything you need for simple, easy automation of small to medium top, bottom and side hung windows for Environmental Ventilation.

As part of the kit, the actuator offers various opening stroke distances with the ability for the control panel to offer feedback of the actuator status such as actuators OPEN and actuators CLOSED with auto close when required. Inward and Outward opening brackets are supplied for ease of purchase and this kit is designed to work straight out of the box without the need for specialist installation or commissioning services.

Environmental Ventilation Kit 1 comprises of:

EV-AS – Adjustable Stroke Chain Actuator 24V DC, 250N, Silver

This versatile adjustable stroke chain actuator is slim by design and offers power and durability. It’s easy to install and offers a multitude of opening stroke distances via the onboard switchable stroke switch that will cover all your ventilation requirements. It comes with aluminium anodised silver housing as standard and a stainless steel chain.

EV-VENT3 – Control Panel

The electric ventilation control VENT-3 is a compact unit in a metal housing. It contains the power supply and the entire control and regulation electronics for operating 24 V DC actuators for daily aeration and ventilation. The EV-VENT3 can be operated without accessories via the membrane keyboard integrated into the lid. When combined with the rain sensor it reacts automatically to adverse environmental influences.

EV-ITH – Tamper Proof Thermostat

Or tamper proof thermostat provides temperature monitoring of the lobby and corridor spaces. On detection of high temperatures, the thermostats will trigger the smoke shaft system into daily ventilation mode. Thermostatic sensing technology is by a maintenance-free gas-filled diaphragm with a two-point switching differential. The temperature setpoint is adjustable by dial within a tamper-proof housing.

EV-RS – Rain Detector for Ventilation Systems

Designed to open and close external windows and louvres during inclement weather conditions to stop the ingress of rain or snow in daily ventilation. When the heated sensor plate comes in contact with rain or snow / hail droplets, a short circuit is formed and the sensor triggers, as soon as the rain / snow stops and the heated plate dries out the unit will reset automatically.

Under the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) it is a legal requirement to use only certified products for smoke ventilation. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure installations meet the relevant standards. For more information see SCS Group’s Technical Bulletin.



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