Chain Actuator – 300N, 24V, 600mm Stroke EA-K-30

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Chain actuator EA-K-30/600-T
24 V DC / 1 A / 300 N / 600 mm stroke / tandem actuator

Chain actuator for SHEV and controlled natural ventilation applications.
Flexible installation at main closing edges.
Suitable for frame and sash mounting on inward and outward opening sashes/flaps in the facade.
With integrated microprocessor-controlled cut-off technology, programmable via the SIMON LINK software interface.

Technical data:
Rated voltage: 24 V DC (- 15% / + 15%)
Rated current: 1 A
Switch-on duration: ED 30% (ON: 3 min / OFF: 7 min)
Push force: 300 N
Pulling force: 300 N
Nominal locking force: ≤ 1000 N
Stroke length: 600 mm
Running speed: 9.7 mm/s
Protection class: IP32
Temperature range: -5°C - 75°C
Housing: Anodized EV1 aluminum profile housing
Connection cable: silicone connection cable 5 x 0.75 mm² (length 3,000 mm)
Cut-off: Integrated load cut-off with microprocessor
Dimensions (LxWxH): 564 x 37 x 35 mm
Weight: 1.52 kg

- Coating according to RAL or DB

SIMON PROtec Systems GmbH
Type: Chain actuator EA-K-30/600-T
Article number: M2 5316

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The chain actuator EA-K-30/600-T is an electromechanical actuator for opening and closing windows and flaps. It is used for smoke and heat ventilation and natural ventilation. The actuator can be mounted on any window profile or frame by using different mounting brackets. All EA-K-30 chain actuators are equipped with a back-rigid chain.

With a push and pull force of 300 N the actuator can cope with all requirements in residential and commercial applications. The chain actuator is equipped with a stroke of 600 mm, a soft start and a soft close range. The Soft-Close provides a reduced speed in the CLOSE direction, 75 mm before the end position, as well as less force to relieve the sealing.

Attractive appearance through modern design

With its compact and optically appealing design in an anodized aluminum housing, the EA-K-30 chain actuator is suitable for demanding objects in residential and commercial areas. The chain actuator can be used for automation of inward and outward opening windows, flaps and side-hung sashes. The EA-K-30 is suited for small and light sashes. The installation is possible at main closing edges. Even as tandem version the actuator is hardly noticeable. Due to the flexible bracket system, many different installation variants are possible.

Quick parameterization through SIMON LINK software interface

Equipped with the latest microprocessor technology, the EA-K-30 can be parameterized quickly and on site via the SIMON LINK software interface. Settings such as stroke shortening and force adjustment are possible, as well as maintenance and evaluation of the running cycles. This prevents unjustified liability claims and guarantees fast maintenance and parameterization.

The chain actuator at a glance:

  • compact aluminium housing
  • 300 N push and pull force
  • ideal for use in residential and commercial areas
  • equipped with the latest microprocessor technology
  • fast parameterization via SimonLink software analysis tool (stroke and force)
  • evaluation of the running cycles via SimonLink
  • tandem function
  • flexible bracket system
  • Soft-Close (gentle closing from 75 mm before reaching the end position "CLOSED")
  • Soft start
  • extremely quiet running
  • scope of delivery: 2 brackets (1x standard, 1x with a drilling distance of 43 mm)

Under the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) it is a legal requirement to use only certified products for smoke ventilation. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure installations meet the relevant standards. For more information see SCS Group’s Technical Bulletin.

Part numberM2 5316
Article nameChain actuator EA-K-30/600-T
Input voltage24 V DC
Nominal current1 A
Stroke600 mm
Push force300 N
Pull force300 N
Running speed9.7 mm/s
IP codeIP32
Switch on duration30 %
Weight1.52 kg
Housing length564 mm
Housing width37 mm
Housing height35 mm
Connection cableSilicone connection cable 5 x 0,75 mm², not fixed with connector plug (length 3.000 mm)
Nominal working temperature20 °C
Environment temperature range-5 °C - 75 °C
Nominal locking force1000 N
HousingAluminium profile housing EV1 anodized
Appliance classIII
Cut-OffIntegrated electronic overload cut-off
Brackets includedno
Features3 Years warrantySimon LInkTandemSHEVVENTInput 24 VDCN-SHEV approved
Housing typeAluminium
Input voltage range- 15 % / + 15 %

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