Chain Actuator 24V | 150N | 210mm Stroke | EA-KN-20-XS

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Chain actuator EA-KN-20-XS
24 V DC / 0.32 A / 150 N / 210 mm stroke / single operation actuator

Chain actuator for SHEV and controlled natural ventilation applications.
Flexible installation at main closing edges.
Suitable for frame and sash mounting on inward and outward opening sashes/flaps in the facade.

Technical data:
Rated voltage: 24 V DC
Rated current: 0.32 A
Switch-on duration: ED 30% (ON: 3 min / OFF: 7 min)
Push force: 150 N
Pulling force: 150 N
Nominal locking force: ≤ 1000 N
Stroke length: 210 mm
Running speed: 8 mm/s
Protection class: IP32
Temperature range: -5°C - 65°C
Housing: Anodized EV1 aluminum profile housing
Connection cable: silicone connection cable 3 x 0.75 mm², length 2 m
Cut-off: Integrated load cut-off with microprocessor
Dimensions (LxWxH): 28 x 28 x 310 mm
Weight: 0.72 kg

Brackets not included

SIMON PROtec Systems GmbH
Type: Chain actuator EA-KN-20-XS
Article number: M2 5030

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The chain actuator EA-KN-20-XS is used to open and close the window by means of a three-link steel chain. The movement is achieved with low-voltage (24 V DC) electricity that powers a gear motor with integrated electronic overload cut-off.

The window opening is programmable by means of DIP switches. The device allows chain strokes of 70, 125, 170 and 210 mm. For the return stroke, i.e. the closing of the window, the stroke-end is determined by an electronic self-regulation process based on the power consumption, and therefore no settings are required. The actuator can also be installed without power supply for movement if the window is left closed after installation.

The all-metal actuator is best installed for smoke and heat extraction and room ventilation. The actuator and the support brackets attached to the window are connected by a quick plug-in coupling. This allows the actuator to rotate to adapt to the chain path even with lower windows. When installing the actuator, the brackets are fixed to the window frame with only two screws.

Due to its compact design, the actuator is designed for use inside the window profile. Together with the product B-Lock and the all-round locking hardware, the EA-KN-20-XS chain actuator forms a burglar-resistant window block that keeps the window firmly closed and guarantees excellent thermal insulation with a high K coefficient. Whether for daily ventilation or in case of emergency for smoke extraction: the EA-KN-20-XS integrates itself optically ideally into the facade.

The chain actuator EA-KN-20-XS at a glance:

  • Ideal actuator for daily ventilation
  • Stroke limit by DIP switches to 70 mm, 125 mm, 170 mm, 210 mm
  • Compact design
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • brackets not included

Under the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) it is a legal requirement to use only certified products for smoke ventilation. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure installations meet the relevant standards. For more information see SCS Group’s Technical Bulletin.

Article namechain actuator EA-KN-20-XS
Input voltage24 V DC
Nominal current0.32 A
Stroke210 mm
Push force150 N
Pull force150 N
IP codeIP32
Switch on duration30 %
Weight0.72 kg
Housing length28 mm
Housing width28 mm
Housing height310 mm
Connection cableSilicone connection cable 3 x 0.75 mm², length 2 m
Environment temperature range-5 °C - 65 °C
Nominal locking force1000 N
HousingAluminium profile housing EV1 anodized
Appliance classIII
Cut-OffIntegrated electronic overload cut-off
FeaturesSHEVVENTInput 24 VDC
Housing typeAluminium

Control Panels 4 to 5 weeks
Actuators (non-stock items) 2 to 3 weeks
Ventilators 4 to 5 weeks
Louvred Windows 8 to 10 weeks
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