IFC Certification scs groupGroup SCS has been confirmed as a certificated installer of active fire protection by IFC Certification.

It means Group SCS has successfully completed the requirements of IFCC Scheme SDI19 ‘Requirements for Contractors Installing Smoke Control Systems’.

The IFCC SDI19 certification scheme has been developed by the Smoke Control Association (SCA) – of which we are a member – in partnership with IFC Certification.

Condition of SCA membership

SCA members who install smoke control systems will be required to apply for and receive certification as a condition of membership, as explained here.

The scheme has been produced to “ensure a suitable and acceptable level of competency with regard to fire strategy verification, system design and the installation of smoke control systems”, IFC Certification explains in its requirements document for the scheme.

The term installation is deemed to include the fire strategy verification, system design, installation and commissioning of smoke control systems, the document explains.

The document also explains, “This document also covers the Contractor’s ability to offer and provide an appropriate level of service and maintenance to the client (or end user) after installation and commissioning, commensurate with the type, size and use of the building.”

The document also explains the benefits of the IFC Certification scheme, saying: “Due to the escalation in the number of installers for smoke control systems, the need to assess and control the competency of contractors is increasingly important. Since smoke control systems are designed and installed for life safety purposes, the adequacy and reliability of the smoke control system is paramount.

“This scheme will benefit clients/end users and their insurers by assisting in the selection of a competent and experienced smoke control contractor.”


Group SCS Founder Director Allan Meek said: “We believe that third party certification is an important step in raising the levels of competency within the industry. We are proud to be part of the IFC scheme and an active member of the SCA which helped develop the scheme and is committed to making participation a condition of continued membership. Using an SCA member is a way of ensuring competency and experience in smoke control provision.”

Group SCS is listed as an IFC Certificated smoke control contractor on IFC Certification’s website and its certificate can be seen here.

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