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Our UniJet system is designed to provide smoke clearance and pollution ventilation to covered car parks in compliance with current building regulations. The system is exclusively available for purchase through our Approved Installer Network and our Specialist Contracting division.


Car Park Ventilation System

UniJet is a packaged car park ventilation system designed to provide smoke clearance and pollution ventilation to covered car parks to comply with current building regulations. As well as that, UniJet meets the standards set out in BS7346 Part 8 (2013) – specifically ‘impulse ventilation to achieve smoke clearance’.

How it works

The UniJet car park ventilation system delivers combined pollution and smoke clearance using jet fans to provide an energy efficient and safe solution whilst requiring the least possible plant space.

The system comprises high temperature extract fans that exhaust smoke and pollution to the atmosphere with strategically positioned jet or impulse fans used to move stale air or smoke to the extract fan positions.

Fully automatic controls monitor carbon monoxide levels and smoke or temperature conditions within the car park and operate the fans at the appropriate level, maintaining safe and comfortable conditions within the car park.

Packaged main extract plant room including fans, silencers, dampers and control systems. Tested prior to location on-site.

Optional CFD models available to support design.

Modular control system incorporating CO sensing for enhanced energy efficiency.

Training and support from the Group SCS Technology and Training Hub.

Gain exclusive access to detailed system information

In the Group SCS Modular Area, you can find a range of resources that support the selection and specification of our Modular systems.

Group SCS offers a free Technical Seminar and access to a full suite of system documentation to qualifying developers, architects, consultants, and contractors who are interested in implementing UniJet in their projects. Take a look at the document library below to see a preview of the system documents available in our Modular Area.

Why choose UniJet?

Time saving
The solutions can be selected online and all documentation can be downloaded to eliminate lengthy design periods.
Long-term safety
The UniJet system consists of a packaged main extract plant room that is tested prior to location on-site.
Standardising our products gives predictable safe performance and simplifies ongoing operation and maintenance.

UniJet Car Park Ventilation System smoke test

Have you ever seen a smoke test being carried out? SCS Group carried out this successful car park smoke test at Sovereign Court, located in the heart of Hammersmith (April 2016).

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