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A brand new approach to specifying mechanical smoke ventilation systems for HRRB’s, UniForce is a standardised solution designed to extract smoke from lobbies while fresh air is drawn in from the staircase.
System schematic for UniForce with Daily Ventilation


Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System

UniForce is a fire engineered smoke control solution designed to extract smoke from the lobbies while fresh air is drawn in from the staircase to maintain suitable conditions both for means of escape and firefighting.

The extract is provided by a run and standby axial flow fan arrangement mounted onto an off-site manufactured skid assembly and positioned on the roof. Inlet air is provided via a roof-mounted stairwell ventilator. A builder’s work shaft connects each lobby, and the air is extracted from the lobby through a fire-rated damper.

How it works

The system operates automatically upon detection of smoke from either a standalone smoke detector or the building fire alarm system, with a manual override for firefighting and test switches for maintenance use.
Upon the detection of smoke, the automatic damper or door in the smoke shaft opens on the fire floor.
At the same time, the roof-mounted extract fans start to remove smoke from the lobby. Fresh air is drawn into the lobby from the ventilator at the top of the stairwell. The door of the stairwell is mechanically opened to provide an air path to the extract point. The fan can be ramped up to high speed to provide additional protection for firefighting operations using the fireman’s override switch.

Implementing UniForce in your projects

Selection and specification

We work closely with key decision-makers throughout the design and construction process to provide guidance on how to make buildings safer using a standardised approach to smoke ventilation systems. Our extensive library of standardised system information can be accessed upon request and includes schematics, documents, and datasheets that help our partners at every stage of the RIBA Plan.

How to specify your system:

  • Request access to the system documentation
  • Make sure your project fits the scope and layouts of the system you selected
  • Use our System Selector tool to obtain a budget cost for supply installation and commissioning of the system.
  • Place the standard system specification information into the tender documentation.

The Document Library

We have developed various resources to help decision-makers select and specify UniForce in their projects. Users with a personal login can develop their own specifications and budget costs using our suite of documentation and the System Selector Tool.

What is the System Selector Tool?

To help specifiers select the right UniForce system for their needs, we have developed an online calculator that goes through the requirements of a project and generates a component breakdown as well as a budget estimate. The Selector Tool can be used alongside relevant documentation to generate a well-rounded system specification in a few quick and easy steps.

The Technical Seminar

Our seminar explores UniForce and our entire range of modular solutions in detail and walks viewers through the resources available to them. If you are a qualifying developer, architect, consultant, or contractor, you can register your interest in our Modular Range. Once you have done so, one of our specialists will contact you to arrange a suitable time to discuss your requirements.

Technical Summaries

Setting Out Details

System Schematics

Single Line Diagrams

System Specifications

Technical Submittals

Budget Summaries

Access the full suite of UniForce documents and tools

Qualifying developers, architects, consultants, and contractors can request access to the Group SCS Modular Area, where they can find all the necessary tools and information to select and specify our systems. Register your interest today to receive access and benefit from a detailed technical seminar showcasing our range and the available tools.

View and download the full suite of UniForce system documents, including specifications, technical submittals, schematics, and more.
With the Group SCS System Selector Tool, you can receive detailed system and budget information in a few quick and easy steps.
Our seminar will help you understand the Modular range, how it works, and the ways in which it can help reduce waste and increase safety in HRRBs.
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