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Developed by Group SCS, UniDamp is a universal, fully addressable damper control system suitable for most fire and smoke dampers, that is easy to install, commission, monitor, and maintain.


Smoke & Fire Damper Control System

A universal, fully addressable damper control system suitable for most fire and smoke dampers, UniDamp is easy to install, commission, monitor and maintain. Its modular structure is built up from damper interface units, main control panels and interface modules for other system fire alarms and fan starters.


System types

Basic Damper System

Suitable for smaller installations, the DCP-B control panel is a low-cost solution for hard-wired nonaddressable systems that is fully compliant with BS EN 12101:10 Smoke and Heat Control Systems.

Addressable Damper System

A flexible modular system suitable for the control and monitoring of smoke control dampers in all building types, especially complex multi-zone applications. The system features a user-friendly open protocol software that enables fast and effective commissioning and the ability to easily incorporate changes to cause and effect through an intuitive touchscreen menu.


Easy configuration
For simple systems the damper control mode can be selected by DIP switch settings. Networked settings are configured through a simple touchscreen without the need for on-site programming
System integration
The system can integrate directly with other building services installations e.g. BMS systems through a Modbus TCP/IP connection
Remote testing
Remote automatic testing, monitoring and reporting is available as standard to ensure the long-term safe operation of the system, reducing maintenance and inspection costs for the lifetime of the building
Meets standards and regulations - low voltage and EMC Directives, BS EN 12101-10

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Our Basic Damper Control system is available to purchase online. Visit our shop to find out more and speak to one of our sales representatives.

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