AOV Kits

Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) are used in many applications, including ventilation and smoke clearance in buildings. Under the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) it is a legal requirement to use only certified products for smoke and heat ventilation systems (SHEV).

AOV Kits

Automatic Opening Vent Kits

Group SCS has assembled a range of kits for most common applications, such as stairwell ventilation and lobby protection that are available off-the-shelf at a low cost.

Our AOV kits contain ventilators or actuators, control panels, smoke detectors and switches designed to work out of the box without the need for specialist installation or commissioning services. The kits can be installed as either stand-alone systems or be inter-connected to form modular “smoke shaft” systems without the need for additional interfaces or software.


Smoke Detector
Optical smoke detector with modern styling and a mounting base that saves installation time.
Interface Panel
An interface panel that provides monitoring, diagnostics and override control via touchscreen.
Hatch Vent
A low profile hatch vent that can be installed onto flat or sloping roofs providing both ventilation and access.
Lobby Damper
Compliant, easy to install and commission lobby damper. Ideal for a smoke control project that incorporates a BRE smoke shaft.
Glass Louvre Window
Thermally broken aluminium louvre window incorporating either blades of argon filled doubled glazed safety glass or aluminium insulated sandwich panels.
Fireman's Override Switch
A switch that provides local override control with a visual and audible indication.

Shop the range

SCS Group's range of AOV Kits is available for purchase directly through our online shop. Explore the products and download relevant documents that will support the selection and specification process.

The Benefits of AOV Kits

Self Installation
The kits contain the relevant products designed to work without specialist installation or commissioning services.
The AOV Kits can be installed as either stand-alone systems or be inter-connected to form modular "smoke shaft" systems.
All the products in our AOV Kits are CE marked and conform to the relevant British and European standards.
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