Modular Smoke Control

Our range of Modular Smoke Control solutions is designed to fit higher-risk residential buildings (HRRBs) within a predefined scope. The systems can be selected online using our System Selector Tool and every stage of the selection and specification process is supported by an extensive digital document library found in the Group SCS Modular Area.

Modular Smoke Control Systems

Save time and optimise efficiency with our standardised approach to smoke control.

Based on the principle that the lobby, car park, and stairwell areas of most higher-risk residential buildings (HRRBs) are somewhat similar, Group SCS has engineered a range of modular standardised systems. Our modular smoke control solutions can be self-selected and specified entirely online with the help of our System Selector Tool and the supporting documentation in the Group SCS Modular Area.

Explore the Group SCS Modular Range

UniForce Corridor Layouts

How to specify a Modular Smoke Control System

  • Log in to the Group SCS Modular Area
  • Make sure your project fits the scope and layouts of the system you selected
  • Use our System Selector tool to obtain a budget cost for supply installation and commissioning of the system.
  • Place the standard system specification information into the tender documentation.

A golden thread of system information

All the information required to select and specify our systems is available for download in the Group SCS Modular Area. This includes system specifications, technical submittals, schematics, budget summaries and detailed information about all system components.

Access to the Modular area is granted free of charge to qualifying developers, architects, consultants, and contractors who are interested in implementing our Modular Solutions.

The Benefits of the Modular Range

Time saving
The solutions can be selected online and all documentation can be downloaded to eliminate lengthy design periods. Our products are usually available from stock due to standardisation, which dramatically reduces lead times.
Long-term safety
The range is designed with the end user in mind. It has in-built features, such as monitoring and self-testing that ensure the system continues to work efficiently long after the installer has left site.
Cost reduction
The standardised approach results in savings in manufacturing costs and pricing. Our pricing is completely transparent and available online.
The product range is available through Group SCS’ Approved Installer Network. Approved Installers are trained and kept up to date with the latest developments.
The standardising of the Group SCS product suite gives predictable safe performance and simplifies ongoing operation and maintenance.
High quality
All of our products are tried and tested and meet all appropriate regulations.

A Modular System timeline

Smoke control is typically procured by mechanical and electrical contractors on a design, supply and install basis from a smoke control specialist. For complex buildings with unique structure, employing a specialist is the safest route. However, the majority of higher risk residential buildings have similar smoke control requirements and are suitable for a modular standardised approach to fire safety.

A typical bespoke shaft system can take up to 17 weeks from design through to commissioning. The Group SCS modular approach can eliminate lengthy design and client approval processes and cut down the time required to deliver a project substantially, as displayed by the timeline.

Week 1 - Select system online and download specifications

Week 2 - Client approval process

Week 3 - Client approval process

Week 4 - Equipment on site

Get to know the Modular range

Understand how our products work and access our extensive library of system documentation

Group SCS offers a free Technical Seminar and access to a full suite of system documentation to qualifying developers, architects, consultants, and contractors who are interested in the Group SCS Modular Soultions. Follow the link below to find out more and register your interest.

Download the Modular Brochure

From system schematics to a detailed explanation of how the Modular range operates, you can read all about our products in Group SCS' Modular Brochure!

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