What makes up an AOV system?

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An AOV system typically comprises a ventilator, a control panel, smoke detectors and override switches where required. Where they are used for environmental ventilation, they can include thermostats and rain sensors.

Our AOV kits contain ventilators, control panels, smoke detectors, and switches designed to work out of the box without the need for specialist installation or commissioning services. The kits can be installed as either stand-alone systems or be interconnected to form modular “smoke shaft” systems without the need for additional interfaces or software. They can contain:

AOV System Control Panel

The EV-301 interface panel monitors and controls smoke control ventilators and interface devices. It can operate as a standalone AOV control panel, as a natural shaft system, or as part of a networked mechanical solution. It provides powered outputs for smoke vents/dampers and door actuators and has a separate output for dedicated environmental ventilators.

Glazed Louvres

EN 12101-2 Compliant Window Louvre complete with glass blades, suitable for smoke ventilation to corridors and stairwells.

Lobby Dampers

BS EN 12101-8 damper

Smoke Detectors

The EV-SD standalone smoke detector will trigger dedicated AOV control panels upon detection of smoke in the protected corridor/lobby.

Fireman’s Override switch

Our HE-077 secure switch to allow fireman’s override and manual operation of the system.

Stairwell and Shaft Louvred and Hatch Ventilators

24V ventilators certified to EN-12101-2 used to ventilate smoke from the top of the smoke shaft or stairwell.

Casement Window

Stylish vent for use in natural ventilation and smoke and heat extraction in building facades.

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