What is an AOV system?

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An AOV system (Automatic Opening Vent) is a natural smoke ventilator used to evacuate smoke from the common escape routes of buildings. The ventilators are usually sized to provide a specified free area and are commonly located in lobbies, directly to outside or into a common shaft, and in the roof of stairwells.

The AOV system comprises a number of components, typically the ventilator, a control panel with battery back-up power supply, a method of activation e.g. smoke detection, manual switch, or fire alarm interface.

Stairwell AOVs are also commonly used to provide replacement air for mechanical smoke ventilation systems (MSVS).

For both commercial and high-rise residential buildings (HRRB’s) there is a legal requirement to provide clear escape routes, free from smoke to allow occupants unimpeded escape, as well as provide first responders and fire crews access during an emergency.

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